Environmental Issues - General

February, 2024 Saltscapes Bob Bancroft: The future of moose in parts of Atlantic Canada is unclear

February 23, 2024 City News Keith Doucette, The Canadian Press: Report calls for major changes to Nova Scotia’s power grid, new energy regulator

January 11, 2024 Halifax Examiner Tim Bousquet: “This is how homeless villages become normalised”

January 10, 2024 Halifax Examiner Morning File: Tim Bousquet “North Mountain dump”

January 3, 2024 Halifax Examiner Morning File, Philip Moscovitch: “What’s an economy for?”

January 2, 2024 Halifax Examiner, Joan Baxter: “Nova Scotia is practically giving away “some of the purist water in Canada“. Part 1

January 2, 2024 Halifax Examiner, Joan Baxter: “What are the environmental costs of bottling and exporting Nova Scotia’s groundwater?“. Part 2

January 2, 2024 Halifax Examiner Morning File Tim Bousquet, “Oligarch cage match: John Risley vs Trent Vichie”