Photo Pop-Up Contest 2024


Less serious

Help us keep the pressure up this summer!

Here’s how it works:

Decide where you want to take (a) photo(s)

Make a sign that tells everyone where the photo is being taken and that you want the Coastal Protection Act proclaimed.

Gather up a few friends, family members, your pets… whoever you like to help you take the photo

You can be serious or creative and lighthearted


What de we mean by serious?

Take photos of coastal areas that are being damaged by development / buildings / roads or by natural causes. Think of a slogan for your sign that includes the place name and snap a pic.


Gather outside your MLA’s office with your sign and take a picture.

What do we mean by lighthearted?

Be creative. Build a sandcastle too close to the floodline, think of an appropriate slogan,  wait till the tide comes in to wash it away and take a picture.


Do a gag synchronized swim routine wearing goggles / nose plugs with a sign: “your place  needs a synchronised approach to coastal protection”

Where to send your Coastal Protection Act photos


Send your photos to

and then

Post them on Facebook:  NS Coastal Protection Act Now

Photos will be posted on this website in a separate gallery. Winners will be announced at the end of the summer