Sign the petition to ask Primier Houston to pause all logging activities until old growth forests like those at Goldsmith Lake can be protected

Lichen Camp is up and running! On March 2nd a bunch of people working to protect the proposed Goldsmith Lake Wilderness Area set up a Lichen Camp on Crown land west of Goldsmith Lake, about half an hour’s drive from Bridgetown. The camp will serve as a base for workshops and guided hikes, teaching people about lichens, species at risk and the ecological importance of old forests. The goal of the camp is to continue to educate the public and the government about the importance of biodiversity and the necessity of protecting areas like Goldsmith Lake.

On the same sunny day of March 2nd, citizen scientists were out looking for rare lichens and documenting the amazing variety of life in these forests. More on what they found soon.

Join Friends of Goldsmith Lake Wilderness Area to learn more.

Hartlen Point has a new petition!

Hartlen Point, the beautiful eastern headland at the entrance to Halifax Harbour, will be cleared to make way for DND’s new “Land-Based Testing Facility”. It is difficult to describe the importance of the diverse ecosystems found at Hartlen Point; from the wetlands to the forested areas, grassland and coastline, this property provides habitat and a ‘staging area” for over 300 species of birds, 4 dozen of which are species at risk or vulnerable. The wetlands and forests draw down and sequester carbon, helping to mitigate climate change while providing shelter and habitat for many species of reptiles and mammals. The waters around Hartlen Point are home to an important lobster fishery and an enthusiastic surfing community. These waters are shared with marine mammals and sea birds, while hikers and dog-walkers enjoy the view from the shoreline.

Please join us and sign the new, on-line parliamentary petition, open until April 14th. It will then be tabled in the House of Commons by Elizabeth May, Leader of The Green Party. A paper petition is also available to sign (you can sign both!). This will also be presented in The House by Elizabeth May.

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